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Royal jelly protect against colon cancer

Proven scientific study in the University of Jordan's ability of royal jelly with beneficial bacteria in the body to stop producing the effectiveness of enzymes to carcinogens within the gastrointestinal tract.
The study conducted by a professor of biotechnology at the university, Dr. Malik Haddadin successful use of royal jelly with bacteria supportive in the gastrointestinal tract (beneficial bacteria) to stop the activity of enzymes produced to carcinogens within the gastrointestinal tract, if any, by 80 percent for what promises to achieve tangible progress for the prevention of cancers of the digestive tract, specifically the colon.
The study was conducted with support from the deanship of scientific research at the university titled "The Impact of the use of royal jelly and honey on the source of enzymes for the production of food carcinogens within the gastrointestinal tract."
Said Dr. Haddadin he made several years experiments on mice, especially in this study and found that enzymes own working on converting vehicles pre-carcinogens to carcinogens has decreased very high in record time and short, pointing out that the use of royal jelly is a nutrient important for the cells of the digestive tract.

He added that the mixture works to resist the virus so that the study showed the presence of material inside the effectiveness of royal jelly if mixed with bacteria in the digestive tract of the settlement "Alprobtiouk" working to stop the production of enzymes carcinogens.

And on how to use the mixture, Haddadin said it is adding very small amounts of royal jelly used (1.5 - 3) grams in a liter skim milk, and eating for four weeks only.
According to Haddadin, the use of the mixture is the successful way prevention of this disease, which comes in the top tier of the types of cancer spread worldwide after lung cancer, pointing out that the study was conducted in the laboratories of the Faculty of Agriculture University / Department of Nutrition and food processing will be published in international periodicals court soon....

It is shown that the beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract after the birth of the child directly and have important functions, most notably prevent the growth of bacteria that cause serious diseases and to provide the child's immune system to make it a condition with catalyst vigilant all the time

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