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13 naturally sexual tonic inspired by honey bees and nuts

Translated by Ahmed Mohamed Aly
Medical studies have shown that there are foods reduce cholesterol in the blood, Which
Help speed the flow of blood in the arteries,It's also easy to combustion,And so the body can get the energy of them quickly,This is reflected positively on the intimate relations between couples,Offers those foods which works to improve sexual ability for couples Dr. Jamal Shaaban professor Heart Institute, National Heart are as follows: - nuts: Contains nuts on Omega 3, which is considered among the unsaturated fats,This component increases the activity of the man significantly. - Honey: Contains compounds and foodstuffs given pair shipment of energy and activity, which reflected positively on sexual intercourse.

  - Berries describes some berries as natural Viagra for his role in solving the problem of men who suffer from erectile dysfunction,For being rich in soluble fiber, which helps push excess cholesterol out of the digestive system, and try eating berries or drinking juice at least three or four times each week.
- Onions: Private genitive vinegar or cooked meat increases sexual ability and give it back if cut off.
- Fish, shrimp and shellfish marine phosphorus: works to strengthen the ability of men sexuality.
- Parsley seed oil and parsley: used in cases of sexual impotence in particular.
- Celery roots and celery leaves, if eaten raw or with salads, useful in the treatment of impotence.
- Artichoke ( artichoke ) : if you eat the roots of the artichoke with honey was a great stimulant for sexual power .
- Mint : sexy susceptibility sexual emulsifier is prepared by adding 15 grams of mint leaves to a cup of boiling water .
- Lettuce : Contains vitamin " e " anti- sterility and private reproduction .
- Cinnamon to stimulate circulation : one is the spice known in the Arab world , and it has many health benefits, most important of which stimulate blood circulation and thus improve the pattern of intimate relationship with a spouse .
- Bananas : help to reduce cholesterol and blood flow velocity to the genitals .
- Asparagus : of the most powerful aphrodisiacs in order to contain vitamin B and folic acid , and the two are raising the level of histamine in the blood , a neurotransmitter that helps to access to sexual ecstasy , also contains a substance ( proto Diosen ) , which works to raise the level of excitement and dealing with ED.

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If You like It Share it

If You like It Share it