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Study: Bees hesitate to take difficult decisions

Translated by Ahmed Mohamed Aly
Posted on 07 - 11 – 2013
A new Australian study revealed that bees are reluctant to take difficult decisions when it lacks the necessary information needed in making such decisions, Along the lines of what the human is doing.
The study, conducted by researchers Clint Berry and Android Baron (from the University Makwear in Sydney) that scientists knew before that some animals, such as monkeys, dolphins, dogs and mice are aware of the degree of risk in their decisions and adapt its strategy on this basis, But they did not know that there are insects does that too. The researchers said, Quoting the German radio site, they jumpsuits decisions kind of honey bees through a series of tests that they conducted a number of these insects after marked it by the specific marks, Where a path at the beginning of the experiments insects to fly towards the test device consists of two rooms and placed in one of the two rooms fluidly sweet as a bonus in the other room and asked repulsive, When he was selected bees located right on the room was getting it on the sweet liquid, The researchers through experiments change the shape of these substances and their colors and their positions, volumes and thus changed the degree of difficulty in obtaining liquid sweet and indistinguishable, Which revealed that whenever the conditions are more difficult and complicated whenever stop bees from continuing task of finding the sweet liquid and make his decision.
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If You like It Share it

If You like It Share it