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Photo-kind of ants manufactures and storing honey

Translated by Ahmed Mohamed Aly
Ants collect honey bees just as his collections It's wonderful wonders of creatures ..Did not notify me in my mind in the past that there are other objects in this world beside honey bee gathering nectar of flowers and be natural honey let alone whether these objects are ants!! Yes, it's the ants honey collector and his presence in the room more than about a meter deep underground the middle of the desert honey ants community of interest to scientists who have tried various means and methods sounding secrets and detect secret.
This is called a kind of ants several labels including ants collector honey, also called ant "pots of honey \ Honey pot Ants" where his every bizarre storing honey in the stomach (in some cases, stores fat, water and fluids from the remains of insects caught) in large quantities until size up the belly of one ant sometimes to the size of a grain of grapes, as shown by the following image Because of this giant-sized ants remain with the giant bellies hanging motionless, but in caves dug deep beneath the surface of the ground where the ants working suspend ant of the honey from the sticky edges and you return it in every time you fall down!.
Has shown some studies are other reasons for the lack of action this ant room floor deep most important is that not steal food stores own colony and of these ants and also do not cause movement a lot to ants store food consumption of the food in their bellies to keep lack of movement on the consumption minimum of food.

Worker ants is responsible for filling cavities ant honey and discharged where when starved workers multiplying the antennae of ant to the ant food eject liquids stored in them from her mouth and vice versa at times and availability of food , the ants workers ants collect food from abroad and re- feed the ants eat.
These ants provide a great service and sacrifice to the community they carry ants fold weights combine to protect ants others from hunger than make honey ant society coveted types of ants and other insects, especially in the harsh desert environment, which is the home of this type of ants.
The honey ants like any other community communities ants on a high level of accuracy, organization, and it evolves with large sizes ants to become a store of food, while the small ants remain in the village to protect the Queen and cleaning.
Developed this property in storage honey, and other fluids in the cavities of ants because of the nature of the environment in which they live is endemic in the deserts of South America and Australia, where scarce food in some seasons, and does not constitute this ant source of honey for the types of other ants only, but to humans as well, it ants is one of the best sources of sugar for indigenous people in Australia, where other sources are scarce.
Where amounts come honey from stored in the stomachs of ants allocated for food storage?
The first thing that comes to the mind of the observer of this ant is that workers ants stole it from a nearby cells to bees , but this is not true .. Where studies have shown this type of that ant he is collecting  just as bees do .. After the rainy seasons scarce in the desert areas , the worker ants to search in the desert for blooming flowers and do collect nectar of these flowers and upload to their homes where store it inside stomachs ants food storage.
 Problem quantities of honey that attracts the attention of everyone watching this strange society!! Interestingly, that type of honey formed in each colony varies depending on the type of flowers beside them just as is the case for honeybees.
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If You like It Share it

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