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Fable: The Countryman and the Bees. circa. 1715

Written by Ahmed Mohamed Aly
A countryman was able to support himself very well by keeping bees but disliked getting stung every now and then. The bees explained to him that pleasure is only gained at the cost of hardship. However, when the countryman got stung again the pain put him into such a rage, that he threw down his hives destroying them. The bees fell to expostulate the matter with him, what a fool he was to do himself mischief because he was angry at another body; especially considering that it was their lab our and industry that both raised and maintained him, and if he would not take the sweet and the sour, -one with another, they’d leave him to shift for himself. Upon this disgust, they for took the Countryman, to his utter ruined.

SO the countryman was reduced to poverty, -he who had lived in riches and affluence. And one day, the Countryman came to understand the truth of the old motto:

"You must put up with what is hard, if you would enjoy what is delightful”
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If You like It Share it

If You like It Share it