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Resort «Chateau Saint Martin in the south of France prepares his garden to host the honey bees and birds

Translated by Ahmed Mohamed Aly
«Chateau Saint Martin, luxurious resort in the heart of the French Riviera's luxury Ootkir group Begin to activate the third phase of the biodiversity protection project launched by the year 2010, the gardens today has become a haven for bees and birds. Hotel had concluded an agreement with the Association «roof of bees in the year 2010 under the auspices of beekeeping, Based on its commitment to the application of environmental standards and sustainable biodiversity, The agreement provides for the adoption of the draft beekeeping and protection through the auspices of a single cell every year, Where the number reached so far to three. With the help of Philip Havnion, a beekeeping expert, the hotel will produce biological honey to be presented to the guests at the breakfast table.
Bee is a symbol of biodiversity is the most important 'farm animals' in the world. Vaccinated 80 percent of flowering plants, and his absence will be affected negatively the nature of the global production of agricultural products and constitutes a disaster on nature and man alike.
Through join «Chateau Saint Martin» the French Association for the Protection of birds League of birds protection at the beginning of the current year, Turned its gardens stretching in the womb of the south of French to a perfect haven for birds of all races and in accordance with the principles and systems used in association, Thanks to this new partnership program has been developed aimed at spreading awareness and preservation of biodiversity and development and lay a hotel values ​​to become a unique model of its kind in the world.
The program applied by the romantic resort hotel in the bosom of the French Riviera of the three phases, beginning of the diagnosis of the environment and biodiversity within the area of ​​the hotel, Then placed second phase action plan for the protection of biodiversity, and in the final phase of organized activities and events for the dissemination of the value of biodiversity, with emphasis on their importance.
Now «Chateau Saint Martin» performs the final phase of the project.
And began distributing private homes for birds Add to bring two new hives to its gardens.
The hotel is located in the romance area of ​​Vance in the French Provence, And belongs to Ootkir group of elite hotels which also includes the Hotel Le Bristol Paris, which is just steps from the Elyse Palace, And Cap Eden Rock Hotel overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, And Oasis Park Breinerz Hotel beautiful countryside in the heart of the German city of Baden, And Namascar Palace in Marrakech in Morocco, and St. Barth, Il-de-France in the French Andean, Aboujih Courchevel, which will open on December 11 (December) next year.
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