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Egyptian authorities are holding 110 kg honey mountain, accompanied by the Yemeni embassy diplomat at Cairo airport

Translated by Ahmed Mohamed Aly

Egyptian authorities said they had detained 110 kilo of mountain honey inside the 15 parcels, accompanied by a diplomat at the Yemeni embassy in Cairo.
According to the "Al-Ahram" newspaper, Egyptian authorities said he was found during customs check passengers coming from Yemen Sana'a, the presence of 15 parcels, accompanied by the passenger, and called the "m. Y" Yemeni embassy diplomat in Egypt.
He added that after they opened the parcels found a 110 kg of mountain honey, which increases the value of a kilo thousand pounds, where the diplomat said he will give them as gifts to senior officials in Egypt.

She noted that the quarantine decided to detain honey or executed, or re-exported pursuant to the Quarantine Act No. 53 of 1966, in order to protect Egypt's wealth of bees for fear of transmission of the disease.

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If You like It Share it

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