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Dance and honeybees way of understanding

Translated by Ahmed Mohamed Aly

Acquired way of communication and understanding between bees on a lot of research and studies carried out by scientists, and in the introduction of these researchers the world von Frisch who published his observations of what he called the language of bees, However, the bees cannot see red. Some researchers believe that the eyes of the bee has the ability to see polarized light, this helps them to draw itself in any direction. The bee has the ability to taste the sweet material and salty, and in the antennae lay members of smell to it., studies Has indicated published by the "von frich" to two basic means of communication between the workers, Two circular dance, vibration dance, and to signify the discovery of food, and determine its direction, and the amount of space leading to it, These two types of dance are increasing in activity of bees, And the presence of sources of food in abundance., As some believe that there are other types of dancing occur in certain periods, and special cases, such as sentinel dance, a dance that stimulate the bees that there are some enemies or materials genocidal to get away it, and many other types of dances ,such as harvesting dance and other
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