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Is there poison honey?

Translated by Ahmed Mohamed Aly
Is there a poisoned honey? Perhaps many of us do not know that there are toxic honeys, come with me and read these lines to recognize it:
The bees when absorbs the nectar of flowers it convey honesty and integrity properties of the plant which absorbs her nectar the honey which is made of it, Thus, the honey is characterized by the same pharmacological properties of the plant, which earned them nectar bees.
There plants his Juice has toxic glycoside such as: (Alrododandan, and desert  Azalea, monk's hood), and (Alondromeda) contain on glycoside Sam is: (Alondrosidotoudi), If any such plants covered large areas so that the vast majority of nectar derived from these plants bees the honey be toxic, note that bees which deals with nectar does not hurt him at all.
The first thing mentioned in history for the poison honey what he described as the Greek leader (Xenophon) where the retreat with him more than ten thousand soldiers from the Greeks who were with him in an area of ​​Central Asia, and there was a tremendous number of hives, and when they eat that honey get Injured with vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness and severe pain in the Abdomen, And who eat more than normal get crazy, and they fainted, and fallen asleep on the ground as if a devastating defeat befallen them, But all of them regained consciousness within a day to three days, not one of them died.
In (1877) discovered honey poison in the Valley (Batumi) Caucasus, also found the world (a. Mulukny) in the area (khbarfsk) bee gives honey medal from the plant (lido for short Baldstrul) or (Tea swamps), has been proposed (Mulukny) way to get rid of the toxicity of this honey heats honey degrees (80 _90) with stirring honey so as not to boil for 3 hours, but heating the honey loses its properties vital and therapeutic, so (k. Haracedz) recommends Vgesodk heat the honey to the point (46)under pressure (67 mm), and in this way disappear honey toxicity without losing its therapeutic properties.
Haracedz  in the year (1954) Confirmed in clinical researches 

proved that poison honey kills capturing the same toxic symptoms 

that appear while eating human cast drenched or bottom of the plant 

(azalea desert) or (Alrododandan) or other poisonous plants.

At the last we should to know that some poisonous plants Couches 

(drunken _ anesthetic _), and (Alkcatin), and (reportedly donkeys _ 

oleander), and (Hemlock) honey is not outside of them poisonous, 

and it seems that it was a concentrating toxic Algluckosedat in their 


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