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Honey bees and its usefulness in the prevention of tooth

Ahmad Mohamed Ali translation
About 90% of the earth's population suffer from dental disease, and most widespread of these diseases is tooth decay, and therefore tooth decay is an important topic socially.
The Physiological Canadian known and winner of the Nobel Prize, "Frederick Grant Pantinj", has given great attention to study the effect of sugar on the teeth, The reach "Pantinj" After extensive research to increase the use of sugar in the food leads in most cases to dental disease, especially in children, The Pantinj shows that the rate of consumption of sugar in the United States and some other countries have increased over a relatively short period of more than 10% the need for human calories, which obliges, This sugar is not supplying any of the protein or minerals or vitamins, And "Pantinj" confirms that nutrition has directly affect on the teeth, which leads to the fact that sugar in turn leads to increased bacteria that specialize in dental damage
Doctor d. "P. Mchledon" from the United States confirms on the basis of the many experiences that the tea contains a large amount of fluorine and therefore can be used as a good effect to prevent tooth decay, In spite of that, those who drink tea with sugar, those property in tea under the terms of that sugar leads to the destruction of the teeth (where the lead to remove calcium from the body), here reduced to a large extent the preventive function of Tea in protecting teeth, In this sense the "Mchledon" confirms and advised to drink tea without sugar and replace it with honey, which is also contains fluorine.
In 1968 appeared one of the scientific articles to the Scientists "James Jarjis" from the United States and with the participation of Egyptian Professor "Samir Lutfi" confirmed the article that when doing excavations at the Giza Pyramids and found what confirms that since about 5000 years ago and found at that time in Egypt Dental Technology, papyri show that the ancient Egyptians used a special mixture enters in the composition of honey, lime and some sort of wormwood plant with some types of stones for the purpose of strengthening the teeth.

We conclude from all the foregoing that the honey bee thanks it contains fluoride prevents tooth decay and strengthens and cleanses the mouth.
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If You like It Share it

If You like It Share it