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Aldgmos honey bees and the great benefits

By Ahmed Mohamed Aly
Aldgmos plant found in abundance in the Arab region and is a desert plant drought-tolerant and high temperatures give honey is characterized by its distinctive color between dark brown and yellow after crystallization while the color black dark after picked flavor features that leave the heat in the throat after eating.
Plant Aldgmos: species of plants similar to desert fork ... characterized by greenery permanent resist surprisingly harsh climatic conditions and can remain without water supply for a long time. As demonstrated by research conducted on honey Aldgmos It is medicine wholesome and anti-cancer and diabetes liver and severe asthma and is useful against microbes blood - against microbes skin asthma, colds, rheumatism general weakness
This brings Honey Aldgmos: - Anti-microbial blood - anti-microbial skin - chronic angina - cold - diseases of the reproductive system - Rheumatology - general weakness - headaches - Cancer - Diabetes - Asthma
And other characteristics to honey Aldgmos that of the safe preservatives he can save fresh fruit for a period of six months while fresh meat can save three months, it's no surprise that the ancient pharaohs were using it to mummify their dead also not surprising that he enters in the majority of cosmetics as a natural material.
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If You like It Share it

If You like It Share it