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40thousand bee stings American to death

by Ahmed Mohamed Aly

One American was killed after he was bitten about 40 thousand bee 'killer' in the U.S. state of Texas.

The local newspaper "Waco Tribune Herald" reported, Larry Goodwin was attacked sweeping African bees when he was driving a tractor in agricultural land behind Moody area south of the city of Waco, according to the Sky News website.

The victim who has 62-year-old try to flee to a nearby house and tried to use a water hose to keep bees with him, but his attempt did not succeed, according to local police official.

 The woman tried to help Goodwin, but bee stings had a lookout.

Allen Miller the owner of bee hive said, Goodwin seems rammed a pile of wood, which was inhabited by bees, which was raised against the victim , Miller estimated the number of bees in the hive about 40 thousand African bee.

The victim's daughter said that no one inch in her father's body free from the effects of bee stings.

Miller expressed surprise at the ferocity of this type of bee, saying that the European kinds attacking by 10% of the issue if it came under attack, but the African bees attacking each preparation. African bees were brought to Brazil in the fifties of the last century, and some groups and fled and proliferated with the European bees have in Latin America before heading to the southern United States.

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If You like It Share it

If You like It Share it