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Pollen cure for cancer

Written by Ahmed Mohamed Aly
Pollen is one of the components of honey, and contains in addition to mineral elements, hormones, vitamins and other substances, has been found that these substances disrupt the growth of cancer cells in humans and animals, has been proven that this article is a polyunsaturated fatty acids, known scientifically as: 10-Lyals Oxy2 decemaic acid and ethyl esters of mana and dicarboxylic acid
Thus, the use of food consisting of a mixture of honey and pollen
The royal jelly, have a positive impact on the protection of human tumors malignant, in 1959, won the world Canada's famous "Gordon Tondsh," the first important results in experiments conducted on malignant tumors when mice, during the twenty days studied this world installation pollen and royal food and Mekdrthma to stop the growth of cancer cells, where alpha brought from mice of 3-5 million a cancer cell, and he gave her at one time a mixture of pollen
and ROYAL JELLY, and indeed, those mice healed, so unlike a thousand other stomach of rats for comparison, which contained the same amount of cancer cells did not give this mixture have all perished in within two months.
Has proven to French researcher "Ellen Kappa" that eating a teaspoon of pollen, which can be purchased from pharmacies Soviet Union (formerly), prevent cancer, has touched on one of the doctors in 1985 in France to use the pollen in mice infected with the latest types leukemia, it was found that the group, which feed on a particular type of Pollen, but is characterized by an increase in weight and an increase in the number of white blood cells mature.
As in Japan, has recently been using a mixture of pollen with ROYAL JELLY as against the growth of malignant tumors, due to the role of royal jelly in being destroy nucleic acids in tumor cells, but this effect is very slowly.

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