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Great article about the sense of sight honeybees

Translated by Ahmed Mohamed Aly
God has provided the Almighty Bee senses  help them on a journey of exploration to collect food they feature: -

1  - a strong sense of smell by the horns in the forefront of sensor.
-2 The eyes can feel sophisticated UV, so they see what our eyes can not see, such as some routes and patterns that guide and lead to the nectar is stored and we can not disclosed only UV photographed.
Eyes bees:
Bee has two types of eyes: -
1 - Eyes vehicle: -
, Two are located on both sides of the head bee, consisting of a few thousand optical modules, a hexagonal, used eye installed in the vision for long distances when the bee out of the cell, and have the ability to differentiate with colors that distinguish the human eye except for the red color, in addition to being sensitive to ultraviolet light, and includes vehicle in the male eye twice the number of optical modules that make up the entry of eye. Therefore noted that the male has very big eyes, and this is what allows the male to follow the Queen during royal wedding flight.-
2-Eyes Statistics
And number three occupies the top of the head, and used the bee in the near vision and dim lighting inside the cell, it is not the bees as human use glasses for far and near, but God created the two types of eyes used as needed.
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If You like It Share it

If You like It Share it