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Crystallized honey bee

Review of scientific material Ahmad Mohamed Ali
The honey liquid viscous at maturity, and then crystallized gradually that freezes and here revolves a lot of questions about this crystallization may get bit by a lot of people that this honey adulterated and unnatural but these views certainly incorrect not based on scientific reasoning and a scientific experiment, all pure natural honey as possible to take shape and gelling property can be) Finished full or intermittent - crystals defective or beautiful).
Honey  amorphous is honey drained condition normal left at a temperature of less than 22 m accumulate sugars in the form of crystals give honey form granular and sour honey at the same time that solidifies texture is formed on its surface a thin membrane and white darling increase the thickness gradually, this is caused by the crystallization of sugar glucose remains fructose dissolved in water that still exists between glucose and crystals soon granular structure that is sweeping the entire mass of honey and gradually.
Some people have to understand this situation as a kind of cheating and this misconception experiments have shown that the size of the crystals and the speed of its composition depend on several factors, including:
Number of crystals initial glucose in honey during the sort, honey extracted from tablets waxy Vintage repeated use in several seasons to take shape quickly and turns into a mass of minute particles frozen due to the presence of a large number of crystals sugary primary where the honey is extracted from tablets waxy new shall be slow crystallization there is a direct relationship between temperature and speed crystallization which consists crystals sugary very quickly when you save the honey in a warm place because his wife down and piling up totals crystals or granules at the bottom in the form of deposit, but if you save the honey in a cool place is to his wife over and slow down the process of sedimentation and thus have grained enough time to grow and unite before they are deposited and starts hardening of honey composition of particles that hold together and lead to crystallization. The different shape and color of the crystalline grains in honey as a source of nectar and place (some kinds of  honey the crystallized uniformly, while others may appear at the top and liquid crystals are deposited at the bottom). And crystallization speed will vary from one type to another Some types of honey crystallize immediately after production, such as honey, sunflower and cotton, pumpkin and others may continue in the form of a number of years means such as Sidr (kind of arab honey.)
Here we summarize the most important factors that help shape (graininess):
1.The percentage of glucose to the humidity% G / W closer than 1.5 percentage be gelling slow and getting faster crystallization high percentage.
2.The percentage of reducing sugars (glucose to fructose)% G / F often be less than the correct one and brought the ratio of the correct one was a tendency to take shape quickly, and vice versa.
3.Pollen, which is the nucleus of crystallization clump and settle to the bottom sugars until crystallization is complete.
4.Remember honey at a temperature less than 20 ° C
5. Use an old wax discs (repeated use).
And can be removed by crystallization treatment honey in a water bath (hot water) so as not to exceed the temperature of honey for 40-60 m so as not to be affected by its components therapeutic coenzymes and other properties of therapeutic breaks up the heat, many of honey bottled in plants exposed to the treatment of thermal cut the crystallization process and prevent the occurrence and as pasteurization of honey for the elimination of yeasts and fungi that spoil the honey to cause fermentation and this heat if high may lead to a reduction properties of therapeutic him as he is exposed to the filter to remove pollen in order not to be the nucleus of crystallization and the wage earners lose honey most vitamins and materials task in pollen.
So it is important to know that crystallization is not of quality defects but it is a natural character of the qualities of natural honey.
Therefore, consumers are advised to have crystallized honey without any thermal treatment until the full benefit of its nutritional value and therapeutic.
As the liquid honey favorite usually by people not put it in the refrigerator and store it in places do not allow for the crystallization of any at a temperature exceeding (25 m), especially if we know that the best temperature suitable for crystallization ranging between (10 - 18 m).

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