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British Parliament accused the government of not interest in honey bee

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London - Paris: «Middle East»
Called for a committee of British lawmakers on the government to ban the use of dangerous pesticides associated with the death of bees.
The Environmental Audit Committee in a report that the government relies on studies «deeply flawed in this matter and that two-thirds of the honey bee swarms suffered from a decline in its preparation in the United Kingdom.
Britain hinder attempts to impose a ban on the level of Europe on the most common pesticides in the world, citing that the impact on bees is not clear. But lawmakers say the government acted insensibly.
Said Joanne The Chairperson of the Committee follows: «We believe that the importance of scientific evidence now to warrant precautionary steps, so call to stop the use of pesticides associated with shrinking numbers of bees from the first of January (January) next year. And banned France, Germany, Italy and Slovenia already use certain types of pesticides like Alemisdakleupred and Alkluthianaedin and Thiamitoxam (T. Clock. Exe) that attract honey bees.

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