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Honeybees are threatened with extinction in the United States of America

Translated by Ahmed Mohamed Aly

Washington - Jean-Louis Santini
American beekeepers feel concerned because of the deaths of millions of bees in mysterious circumstances over the past months.
This phenomenon is threatening the U.S. production of honey bees also threatens to produce a lot of crops and fruit trees that rely on bees to pollinate plants.
The mortality rates were honey bees in California between 30 and 60 per cent, and exceeded 70 percent in some areas on the east coast and in Texas.On the whole, suffer from the problem of 24 states and American two Candies provinces, according to the information and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
The bee hive usually loses 20% of bees in winter is normal but beekeepers are fearful that exceed this limit ratio, especially since the number of beehives falling steadily since 1980 in the United States.
According to the Ministry of Agriculture (USDA) that there are currently 2.4 million cells in the country. This represents a decline of 25% since the beginning of the eighties while the decline in the number of professional beekeepers by half during the same period.
And push the size of the wave of honeybee deaths dense unprecedented jam bees to ask Congress for help during a session held in Washington a short time ago.
Jin said Brandy, president of the Beekeepers Association in California before a sub-committee of agriculture in the House of Representatives, "I have 2000 beehives died about 40% of them . This is the biggest percentage loss occurring during the 30 years of my work in beekeeping."
And plays a major role in bee pollination flowers more than 90 kinds of fruits and vegetables
(Apples, avocados, berries and cherries ..) that turnover is about $ 15 billion annually including six billion in California alone, according to confirmed brandy.
The yield cultivation of almonds alone in California two billion dollars and relies on 4.1 million beehives the honey bee breeders retrieved annually from across the United States for this purpose.
Said Diana Cox - Foster, professor of entomology at the University of Pennsylvania (East) in front of the committee appointed by the phenomenon of death of honey bees heavily carry unique symptoms differ from symptoms caused by parasites that attack the hive and kill bee larvae. Cox fired - Foster the phenomenon called "the collapse of the hive's disease."
He said he found queens - located one queen in each hive - with a group of young adult bees and large amounts of food. Not found in this case a dead bees in the hive, or near it.
It was noted that other groups of bees or parasites from an infected hive approaching collapse of the hive's disease, or residence only after a long period of being free of the population is pushing to believe the existence of a chemical or cm to deter insects from approaching him.
Cox added - Foster that the bees in the hives infected with the disease have all been infected with mysterious elements of minutes a large number of them knows that he is responsible for the injury-related illnesses bee nervous.

The scientists are working on the premise of the emergence of a new disease or chemical weakens the immune system of bees.
They think especially that agricultural pesticides commonly used and known to cause poisoning the bees may be the cause of it, says a professor of entomology.

France knew severe case of the death of the bees in the nineties then attributed to pesticide "Gush", which was banned.

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