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Exploitation of the surface of the French Parliament for the production of honey bees

Translate by Ahmed Mohamed Aly

French authorities decided to exploit the roof of the French Parliament to product honey honey , part of a project to increase the production of honey.
It is scheduled transfer of three large cells of bees this week to the surface of the Parliament, that the bees are moved after the weather warms up where it will produce up to 150 kilograms of honey per year and will help in the pollination of plants thriving in the capital city of Paris at a time of declining numbers of bees in the world.
The head of the French apiaries Owners Association Thierry Dorosal, told Reuters, "This is a great model for us, we believe it is a good opportunity to teach people from the public and politicians the role of bees", and dates back to the National Assembly Building eighth century, according to the "eljazeera".
The six educators will be volunteers working in the National Assembly cell bees that care will be put together on the surface of the rear part of the building.
The left-wing member of parliament said Laurent Dumont The annual production of honey fill the pot about 800 will be given to school children during visits or educational charities.
This project comes within the framework of a new trend across Europe to develop cells of bees on the roofs of buildings in cities, where it is well adapted to live in urban areas and can be fed to many species of plants thriving for a long time within the cities.

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