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The best way to save the honey bee

Written by Ahmed Mohamed Aly

During the excavation process for parents graves Tai Kingdom Egypt. American explorer found T. Davis and a bowl full of honey liquid state medium while retaining their smell. And has been well-sealed container and has been placed in the cemetery since 3300 years.
That one of the most important characteristics of honey ability to retain all its natural qualities for hundreds of years if saved properly. And for that you must consider the following when you save the honey or stored.
Honey voracious very moisture, so the percentage of water in it increases if exposed to moisture, and pure honey not exceeding humidity where about 20%, and has found that honey if exposed to moisture suck water and increased the weight by 33% so it is not advisable to save honey fridge and if in airtight containers due to the high humidity inside, and if increased moisture in honey for normal rates led to corruption Fermenting.
And all honey increased humidity which 20% will be adulterated or immature, and in this case does not fit the store, because excess water is not soon be brewing in the air temperature normal and spoil, this excess moisture appear after a period in water yellow foul smell, floats on the face of the honey, and is the result of the presence of carbon dioxide, oxygen and alcohol around in the honey to vinegar acid and water.
Profoundly affect light in honey, where the lost material in it and immune to the formation of cholesterol, and he says the mark (and LED), the article analyzes the light deadly germs and it contains honey.
It is advisable to save honey and fill in opaque containers, and if keeping in transparent containers must be kept away from direct light.

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If You like It Share it

If You like It Share it