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British study - honeybees recovering substance of caffeine

Written by Ahmed Mohamed Aly
British study revealed caffeinated affected bees in the flowers, which means to join this active insect to coffee lovers club.
The British researchers from the University of Newcastle British think man is not the only creature who is recovering drink caffeine, Bee also Elates of caffeine found in the nectar of flowers.
The research team, whose study was published Thursday in the American journal "Science" that inhalation dose of caffeine bees from the nectar of flowers occasion it remembers where these flowers for three times longer than a reminder of the place of traditional flowers.
The researchers explained that caffeine does not exist in nature in nectar flower coffee plant, but in some tree species acidic, but it becomes bitter and repulsive insect if increased focus on a certain percentage, the low concentration of caffeine dose appropriate in plants making the bees feel Balancha.
This study shows that even when bees, the caffeine if increased alone reversed.
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If You like It Share it

If You like It Share it