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Bee stings eliminate wrinkles

Written by Ahmed Mohamed Aly

May be needles of bee stings are painful, but it is certain is that women will bear the pain if they knew that the results of scientific research finally discovered that bee stings eliminate wrinkles and restore skin to freshness.
Research discovered to that important conclusion conducted by the South Korean scientist Dr Sang Mi Han to calculate New Zealand Cosmetics company calling itself 'Manuka doctor' the company announced that it had adopted on the results of research in the production of a series of revolutionary new products to combat wrinkles.

According to those results, the mystery of the contribution to bee stings to get rid of wrinkles is that these stings lead to the strengthening of collagen under the skin, a natural substance that gives skin freshness and flexibility and make it less vulnerable to «sun and other external influences».But pharmaceutical bottles, which will be launched by a company 'Manuka doctor' soon won't contain the neighborhood bees tingling wishing restoration freshness , but those will be an ointment formulations are used as a mask for the face in order to get rid of wrinkles.
The company stresses that the new preparations, which plans to start in the placing on the market soon will be a revolutionary step in the field of skin care, as it «would be the ideal alternative to Botox injections that are injected under the skin in order to give him a freshness.

It should be noted that the products remove wrinkles which include bee venom used on a small scale a few years ago between the elite rich and famous around the world due to the high-eighths of them, The importance of the step announced by the company New Zealand finally it will make those preparations are commercially available for all.
The news reports indicated earlier that the wife, Crown Prince of Britain Duchess of Cornwall Camilla Parker succeeded in getting rid of wrinkles that were scattered on her face after using treatment depends on bee venom, a therapy which relies idea on the same idea which was based upon research by Dr. SangMei Han

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