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Vitamin of Honey longer lifetime of vitamin fruit

Written by Ahmed Mohamed Aly

An important discovery scientists reached that honey is an excellent compromise to save the vitamins, it remains it without being affected or lose part of it, while fruits and vegetables lose a big part when it is stored.

* So use of modern method to filter honey lose many Vitamin.

* As well as exposure honey for heating lose a lot of its properties, and displays the enzymes active him and some other components of value-important therapeutic - and that can not be determined nature so far to damage and decomposition and getting faster decomposition greater the duration of exposure to heat, and thus lose part of its significance therapeutic (such as lost volatile oils useful in the treatment of constipation).

* It can heat the frozen honey liquefies without affecting
Properties with warm water bath (35 - 40 m) with
Rapid flipping a wooden stick for a short period.

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If You like It Share it

If You like It Share it