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PROPOLIS Introdution and benefits

Written by Ahmed Mohamed Aly

Collections of bees from the bark of trees and sprouts flowers and plants to benefit from it in the narrow entrances their homes in the winter and install disks wax in the cracks of caves inhabited by and also uses bee glue in the packaging of dirt that could not bee dimensions and disposal so as to prevent emission of smells ... and PROPOLIS also called Oaekbr and consists of 55% resin and 30% wax and 10% volatile aromatic oils and 5% pollen ...The PROPOLIS protects bee against any external attack where encases insects that invade the cell.
Benefits of Propolis:                                            
And is also used in dressings, burns and wounds ..
Since PROPOLIS enters compound in 40 found five antibacterial compounds, viruses and has antioxidant efficiency
In the Institute of Cancer Research at Columbia University in America managed to d / Tetsiamatsino .. of isolation and classification of many compounds that have a fatal effect of the cancer of the PROPOLIS Brazilian has proved in his research that the topical use of this material to discourage and stop the growth of skin cancer in mice as that male former that the injection of this article reduces the growth of cancer in experimental animals.
1 - has an antibiotic effect against some bacteria Streptococcus and Staphylococcus.
2 - has a stimulant effect secretions of female hormones.
3 - has a diuretic effect.
4 - has the effect of lowering high blood pressure.
5 - helps to increase the secretion of bile.
6 - Helps treat leather Altzlkhat and treatment of wounds and burns.

7 - was also found to have an impact on the inhibition of the growth of colon cancer cells in rats (mice) and eliminate them ... Since the PROPOLIS substance that helps to strengthen the capacity of the immune system to paralyze and lymphocytes in particular, and urges them to secrete anti factor that eliminates the cancerous cells.

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If You like It Share it

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