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How do you discover Cheating of honey simplest means?

Translated by Ahmed Mohamed Aly
Many of us wonder about the quality of honey??
How can make sure that the honey naturally and not artificially or adulterated?
Will popular ways known enough to judge the level of quality and not cheating?
What are the criteria by which to judge the quality of honey?
What are the proper scientific methods to assess the quality of honey by these standards? Is there any relationship between the prices of honey on the market and the level of quality?
What are the efforts made by the concerned authorities to monitor local honey on the market and make sure that he is not to cheat? What is the role of those bodies in this regard?

Popular methods in judging the quality of honey and cons)

There are lots of ways that follow popular in judging the quality of honey, is this means shedding a natural long experience inherited across times and although it cannot be relied upon entirely in judging the quality of honey, but it can for the consumer familiarity to find out the quality of honey and detect fraud, and especially it does not have laboratory equipment and chemicals needed to examine and analyze chemically Honey may relieve these simple means consumer psychologically Although some of these methods may not be scientifically justified, but for some scientific indicators relating to certain quality standards

The following are some of these roads

Check the color and appearance, smell and taste:

"Bin Sina" says in his book "The Canon of Medicine" (the finest honey is honey sincere sweetness, good smell, italics pungency, and reddish enlightening the slave who is not, sticky pulsing, and "Ojodh Rubaie" then summer and honey winter lousy).
"Ibn al-Qayyim" says in his book "The Prophetic Medicine" (The finest honey Ocefah Ibeidah and Alinh unit and believe him sweetness, and taken from the mountains and the trees have preferred the cells were taken from the palm, and is based on pasture).

Is the light color of honey quality mean?

There is a common belief that the light color of honey evidence of its quality has been taken on the basis of the color of honey as one of the criteria in assessing prices.
Here, we must make it clear that the light color of honey is not evidence at all on the quality of honey has a dark honey color higher nutritional value and more cost-effective medical and various quality standards high for light honey.
The color of honey ranges between white watery and Anbari apples. Anbari. The Anbari dark due honey color to colored substances dissolved in water of vegetable origin detachment in nectar of flowers that feed upon bees such as carotenoids and acid tannin addition to the high content of honey from metal elements and absorbed light makes honey dark and then the color of honey is influenced by the following factors
Dorsal source of nectar.
- Storing honey storage conditions for long periods of time at elevated temperatures over color of honey Gmqa as that storing honey in metal containers imparts a dark color on the honey as a result of the interaction of acids in honey with iron.
Raise the quality of some of the honey with a spoon and note duration Anciabh
Whenever honey continued to flow for a long time without interruption indicates that the quality of the honey bee, but if interrupted flow quickly that indicates that honey adulterated. The scientific basis for this is that the flow of honey for a long time without interruption evidence that exposure honey for the heating process by inspecting a lot of characteristics of vital medicine and food there is healing for people, as a result of the impact of heating negatively on the content of honey enzymes, hormones, antibiotics, vitamins, amino acids and organic acids ... etc..

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