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History of Honeybees in America

Written by Ahmed Mohamed Aly
Image from A.I. Root's 'The A B C of bee culture' (1883)
Read 'Honey Bees across America' by PhD Student Brenda Kellar (Oregon State University)
Here is a selection of the text if the web link does not work:
"The creation of the United States can be found in the footsteps of the honey bee (Apis mellifera L.). Brought to the east coast of North America in 1622 it would be 231 years before the honey bee reached the west coast. Disease, hostile competitors, harsh climates, and geographical barriers blocked the advance of honey bee and human alike.

Their greatest advantage was each other. The honey bee provided honey, wax, and propolis for human consumption and market, they pollinated the European seeds and saplings that the immigrants brought with them, and they changed the environment (many times in advance of the human immigrants) making it more acceptable to the imported livestock by helping to spread white clover and other English grasses." Read much more at the links.

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If You like It Share it

If You like It Share it