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Social life in insects SOCIAL LIFE

Written by Ahmed Mohamed Aly
Started life on Earth 400 million years ago and social life in insects began 300 million years ago and human infants 2 million years ago and this information rapidly lead us to an important question what are the steps to the evolution of social life?

Steps the evolution of social life:
Wheeler has the interpretation of social life in the seven points are:
---that life was solitary wilderness like most insects
---began insects began to evolve from an insect eggs scattered anywhere they want to get rid acidity of them .
---the insects began to develop soon stopped eggs and hash began to put it in a place where descendants can be fed after hatching
---provide the mother's eggs under the cover of protection may be linked to the previous step steps.
----started female protects the eggs.
---Social Supply MASS PROVISINING:
They come and females laying food enough egg longevity after they hatch until full turns into an insect.
Parent to provide food for the descendants of the periods which created social life where linked to the birth mother.
---Cooperation between individuals in feeding the brood.

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If You like It Share it

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