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Pollen grains for the treatment of rheumatic diseases

Written by Ahmed Mohamed Aly
This happens disease result defect in the immune system inner self to the human body, and the real reason for occurrence of this disease is still not known precisely, and hard that it affects women more than affects men, and more joints exposed to this disease are small joints of the hand, where there is swelling and congestion severe detailed, as increasing the amount of fluid within the joint (leak) causing him swelling, occurs also atrophy and decay in the cartilage of the joint and replace it with fabric Levy making detailed incapable of movement or functioning, has been progressing disease to include joints wrist, elbow and ankles and knees where the patient feels implacably severe, especially when the movement started in the morning, infection may also include the joints of the spine or joints of the jaw.

And accompanied by the onset of illness symptoms generally in the body such as high low temperature, and a decrease in body weight and anemia (anemia in red blood cells), and this type of anemia does not respond to treatment compounds of iron known, may also become infected patient episodes of race, feeling cold, as swells the lymph glands in the body as well as the spleen.
Pollen has shown its ability to treat rheumatoid arthritis, muscle and nerve inflammation if used alone or with honey.

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If You like It Share it

If You like It Share it