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How the bees to improve the ventilation system cell?

Translated by Ahmed Mohamed Aly
Needs bees, like all animals to breathe air, enclosed within the cell and from the top, and fresh air ventilation required from the slot in cell, and if you do not come out bad air quickly, the bees will strongly ventilation wings. This is evident behavior more during the flood season, when you want to get rid of excess moisture in the cell. Additional ventilation can work to lift covers cells.
Beekeepers noted that bees need more air in the winter, compared to the summer, which means that whenever the weather is colder, the greater the need for air.
Need the Bee mass of air with the knowledge that the worker bees in the cluster can not ventilated, so langestrot would suggest to a top slot in the cell for ventilation or top door at the forefront of the cell.
Be the need for more air in the winter because the per unit consumed by the expulsion of honey bees, no unit of water resulting from the representation, not the bees cell heating and cold air's ability to transfer or carry limited moisture.
The more air cooler, decreased ability to carry moisture, and therefore do not need to a large volume of air to pass over the bee farm.
Suitable openings or diameter-inch (2.5 cm), suitable for ventilation in this case, and is also used as an input or door, especially in the winter, because the bees, who leaves to protrude outside the cell does not have to walk long distances to drive cold. Ventilation can be done by moving the inside cover of the cell, while protecting the community from entering the cold air.
Multi ventilation is very important when parcels bees moved long distances during which it must ensure ventilation and nutrition with diabetes diluted solution, which includes at the same time a source of water for the bees, especially in hot weather.

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